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Pinoy Frugal Living Will Be Launched Soon!

At last, my frugality and personal finance blog will be launched soon. It's still going to be powered by Wordpress and hosted courtesy of my friend and webdesigner Emily Carlin./

Thanks to Globe Broadband

15 March 2009


Nifty and convenient way to fix your broadband connection

Nifty and convenient way to fix your broadband connection

Earlier today my daughter suddenly screamed that the internet was no longer working.  I asked her to make sure that the Airport Switch in the Macbook is “ON.”  She said the “rainbow” was missing.  After her loud scream, Freida who was using the other PC in the other room screamed and she said there was something wrong with her PC too.  I looked at the PC and saw that there indeed was no connection.  I reseted the modem and unplugged the cable from the wireless router and directed the cable into the main router and reloaded the browser.  Nothing.


Good thing I still have the Bayantel Wireless Dial-up and I connected to Globelines stylish and rad website and downloaded Click Fix. Click Fix is an easy to use tool that subscribers can use to troubleshoot their connections without having to call for assistance.  Using my Bayantel connection, I downloaded and run the program and in minutes I was asked to unplug and replug the cables, turned off the Windows firewall, etc.  A small pop-up window conveniently instructs me what to do.  I followed the instructions explicitly and after 5 or so minutes we were all back online!

Thanks to the convenient program from Globelines.  If you are a Globe Broadband subscribers, I strongly suggest you use the program while your connection is STILL working.  In case you lose your connection, there is a more economical and convenient alternative other than calling technical support… who liked being put on hold, anyway?

Z i t !

13 March 2009

Darn it!

Yesterday, I felt a pimple trying to break out of my skin.  I hate pimples.  I was actually lucky enough to be one of those people who rarely get any breakouts.  But when I get one, its usually one of those cherry tomato like pimple.  Boy, the side of my face where it decided to crop out hurts like hell…

Any advice?

Globe Broadband Fried Again!

10 March 2009

My Globe Broadband is fried again!

Damn. Am currently using my dial up right now to blog and to do some freelance work. I thought that I wouldn’t have this kind of connectivity problem with Globe but yesterday, it hiccupped and I lost connection again. This is simply unthinkable for me since I am now relying on my connection to do my work…

Damn, Globe!!!

Enjoying Broadband Juice– at last

1 March 2009

After Smart has turned down my location TWICE, I actually thought I am stuck in dial-up world or I should start considering moving out of my area and move somewhere where hardwire DSL is available.  Being a freelance writer and VA, my job depended on reliable internet connection.  Not only that, while working, another program monitoring my progress has to run simultaneously in order for my buyer to see my progress.  Screen snapshots as well as keyboard strokes are recorded as well.  This program is also used for billing purposes.

Being online constantly not only makes my work easier– it also makes me reachable thru various IMs and Skype.  It also affords me to be on top of the news as it were so I can blog about it!  Neat!  

Thanks to Globe for their wonderful and swift service!

Testing Globe Broadband– DSL at Last

28 February 2009

The Globe contractor came here today and successfully installed Globe Broadband in my home. At last DSL na!!! Let’s just hope the speed maintains itself…

Busy Bee

27 February 2009

I have been extremely busy the past few days. My VA work load is peeking up and I am starting to enjoy my work more and more everyday…

Bayantel Cares !

17 February 2009

The connectors of my cable to the antenna of my Bayantel Wireless fell apart. The connectors broke and this meant no connection for me both landline and internet. I am still reeling with the fact that Smart Bro has turned down my location saying they couldn’t simply get any signal to my house. This irked me because a few house down, a neighbor has their very own Smart Bro. So, what gives?

Anyway, I called the Bayantel Hotline (171) yesterday and they said they will be sending a technician down tomorrow. I followed up early today and I managed to catch the technician and I told him what exactly happened. I asked if he could bring a couple of connectors for me so the problem can be fixed right away. Not only that, I reminded him to bring his own tools and I mentioned that I do not want technicians borrowing my own tools.

I have not even blinked and I was expecting the guy to come later in the afternoon and there he was! He went to work right away. Fixed the connectors using the connectors he bought at the local hardware shop along the way (which I refunded). After 15 minutes of tinkering with the connector and using his solder to fix the wiring, the connection to the phone to the antenna was fixed! When he was done, I asked him to check my connection up in the roof and he climbed up and told me the connection there was busted too. I think the heavy rains that caused floods in the area the past few days has damaged my connection and I thanked God I had asked him to buy 2 connectors! He fixed the connectors, went down to solder again and climbed up and asked me to peer inside and check the signal bar and alas! For the first time in 6 months– I have a full bar! I checked the internet connection and was connected fast. The downloading was also quick! Hurray, even for dial-up!

I would like to thank Bayantel- Cagayan de Oro Team for the apt quick response. Thank you to Ivan Francis for the repair. He was courteous and he definitely knows his job! He even promised to confirm the news that Bayantel DSL can actually tap on Misortel telephone line so consumers can enjoy DSL connection. I hope he can get a better response and explanation regarding this since I was informed before by Misortel that their lines in my area is not fiber optic and not DSL ready. Let’s see what happens to that… And, thanks to Chona of Customer Support personnel for taking my call.


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